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Topic: New technology for automated continuous monitoring of energy recovery systems

The topic applies to anyone interested in the reduction of CO2 emissions (carbon footprint) and protecting our environment - energy recovery is essential.

According to ASHRAE 90.1, air handling units with an airflow capacity of 5,000 cfm or more and a high percentage of outside air ( > 70%) are required to have an exhaust air energy recovery system with a minimum effectiveness of 50%. Konvekta systems far exceed this requirement.

With today’s workload, building maintenance personnel often do not have enough time to thoroughly maintain energy recovery systems. If a system malfunction is not detected promptly or if routine maintenance is not conducted, significant operating cost savings and energy savings are jeopardized.

The latest technology addresses this problem.

With Konvekta systems, which are monitored and optimized even after commissioning, up to 90% of the energy can be recovered.

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