If a system is not controlled and optimized you are throwing away energy savings

Systems with controls that are optimized for actual operating conditions have significantly higher efficiencies and also a higher return on capital investment.

Since each energy recovery system has to address specific design and operating conditions, no two systems are identical. 

When Konvekta designs a system, it is optimized to account for dynamic operating conditions in all seasons as well as partial and full load operation. 

Konvekta requires VPN access into the controller to retrieve all operating data daily. Each day, the data is analyzed by software at the Swiss headquarter. The trending and operational data can be accessed by the customer through a password protected link.  

After completion of the operation optimization, which usually takes 12-15 months, the customer receives a performance report that contains performance data and recovery efficiency statistics.

The report identifies system adjustments made by Konvekta and documents performance during various operating modes.

This report also verifies that the Konvekta system meets or exceeds the guaranteed energy recovery efficiency.