To make sure errors are always detected

your system data is recorded, analyzed, and available for your review

Outside air temperatures, relative humidity and air volumes are constantly changing in air conditioning systems. Often buildings are operated differently than designed. Therefore, after commissioning an energy recovery system, optimization and monitoring are essential. Konvekta systems collect and report data via a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. The data is reviewed by Konvekta specialists and reported as trends via the internet on a password protected dashboard.

This allows the user to review system data at any time to confirm that desired performance is achieved.

Keep an eye on your energy savings!

With additional "Auto-Reporting-Plus" software, system performance is automatically evaluated and displayed in real time with the "Konvekta-Eye”.

You can see in a glance whether the system is running optimally, or whether there is a system malfunction. A system malfunction is automatically reported to the building control system. This guarantees optimum performance and meeting anticipated returns on investment.