In quality we do not compromise

Certified energy recovery coils

During production, high standard quality assurance tests are completed after each step of coil fabrication. Prior to coating and final assembly, each coil is subject to a multi-day fluid pressure test  to ensure it will never leak. The quality of each coil is confirmed with a Quality Certificate (download sample).

The quality of each coil is confirmed with a Quality Certificate. (Download sample).

Service friendly hydronic modules

Each hydronic module is custom designed in-house by Konvekta and reviewed on 3D drawings. We pay particular attention to the serviceability of the module components and minimizing noise and vibration.

The piping on the hydronic module is insulated on-site, after installation, so that any leaks can be detected during start-up. Insulation should be completed only after the entire system is pressure tested by the contractor.

Before shipping, each hydronic module is subject to a Factory Acceptance Test which includes a pressure test as well as complete performance testing of all components including the system controller.

Energy recovery system controller

Even though system components vary depending on the details of each project, the highest level of quality is always maintained. All Konvekta systems are 100% tested before and after installation and we use only reputable suppliers for system components.

The energy recovery system controller is installed on the hydronic module and thoroughly tested before shipment. This minimizes on site start-up time.

After the initial first year guarantee expires, Konvekta offers optional system monitoring and optimization for additional years to guarantee the most efficient recovery.

See also Performance-Optimization.