Quality begins with the design

Accurate design of complex high performing energy recovery systems with the sophisticated SYSKON software

SYSKON is a combination of the DOE-2 building simulation program and custom software to optimally design and size various system components, such as energy recovery coils, pumps, cooling equipment, plate heat exchangers, etc. To provide accurate calculations for systems with variable air volumes sophisticated software, like SYSKON, is required. With many variables to consider, static calculation methods (cumulative frequencies) cannot provide accurate results. Konvekta provides complimentary design calculations, annual energy requirements, and payback calculations so that customers can accurately assess projects. Konvekta can provide a preliminary design and payback calculations early in the design process. Typically, a Konvekta system reduces annual heating energy requirements by 70-90%, yielding returns on capital of 20–60%.

We guarantee the annual recovery efficiency and provide continuous monitoring of the energy recovery system so that annual savings are realized year after year.

High return on investment

In today’s economy, depending on the level of risk, typical investments return 5-10 %. Investing in a high performance energy recovery system can realize capital returns of 20-60 % - absolutely risk-free because performance is guaranteed!

Calculation example:

Bogenhausen Hospital, Munich

When Klinikum München-Bogenhausen, a 951 bed hospital (470,000 cfm), renovated their HVAC system in 2007, they installed a Konvekta high performance energy recovery system. The system has a net annual effectiveness of 86.3%, which means that 86.3% of the annual heating and cooling requirement is provided by recovered energy. The annual energy cost savings is USD 647,083 for heating and USD 24,076 for cooling (based on 2012 energy costs). With a system cost of USD 2,299,410 and annual energy savings of USD 671,159, over a term of 15 years, this is a return of almost 28% - and since performance is guaranteed it is risk-free!

Conclusion: Since 2009, the highly efficient energy recovery system at Bogenhausen Hospital has saved almost USD 700,000 in energy cost per year and paid for itself in less than 4 years.

At the same time an average of more than 7,054,792 lbs. of CO2 emissions were eliminated every year.