Take the energy from where it is available and use it where it is needed

Combining multiple supply and exhaust air handlers offers a major advantage compared to independent systems.

While it’s often necessary to supplement independent energy recovery systems with additional heat, the great advantage of a network system is that energy can be taken from where it is available and used where it is needed. This design approach allows all recovered energy to be used before supplemental energy is added.

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To control such complex systems, a highly sophisticated controller is required. To maximize efficiency and cost savings, the controller must utilize actual operating conditions and the performance maps of the coils, pumps, and valves.

Optimal design

Konvekta uses the DOE-2 building simulation software as a basis to design an energy recovery system. SYSKON is customized software for sizing system components and calculating annual energy demands and recovery potential. With this simulation software, a system’s recovery effectiveness and its economic benefits can be accurately predicted and used as basis for a capital investment decision.

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