Comprehensive maintenance packages

and your investment pays off year after year.

Our work does not end with the delivery, installation and commissioning of the energy recovery system. We always monitor and optimize the system for the first 12 months of operation. This provides the basis for long-term effectiveness and energy cost savings.

To ensure that your investment remains efficient and profitable on a long-term basis, we have developed  the CARE MODULES to provide optimal service and maintenance. Perfectly matched to your needs, a variety of service modules provide continuous certainty that your high performing energy recovery system meets the requirements for optimal performance and recovery.

For example, the add-on software, “Auto-Reporting Plus”, compares the actual system performance to the guaranteed performance and reports all deviations to the building automation system. Performance deviations are detected early and resolved promptly.

Daily retrieval of system datayesyesyesyes
Retrieval of the data over the KONVEKTA-online platform by the clientyesyesyesyes
Analysis by clientyes   
Analysis by KONVEKTA montlyweeklydaily
Controller intervention by Konvekta yesyesyes
Response time in case of malfunction, within 72 hrs.48 hrs.24 hrs.
Reporting and consulting in case of malfunction  yesyes
Annual system inspektion on-site  yesyes
Annual performance report  yesyes
Software updates   yes
„Auto-Reporting Plus“ for permanent system monitoringoptionoptionoptionoption

Please ask your nearest Konvekta partner for a proposal of which packages might suit your needs best.