Controlled to the operating conditions of your building

monitored and optimized to ensure the greatest energy savings.

A high performance energy recovery system consists of energy recovery coils in the supply (AHU) and exhaust (EXH) air handlers, a fluid circuit between the two, a pump and a controller. The energy recovery coils in the exhaust air stream transfer energy from the exhaust air to the fluid circuit. The fluid is piped to the AHU to preheat the outside air. The heat transfer fluid is a water/glycol mixture which prevents frost damage.

If the recovered energy is not sufficient to heat the outside air to the desired supply air temperature, plate and frame heat exchangers can be incorporated in the system to provide the supplemental heating or cooling.  See also: Multi-functional energy recovery systems

While heat can be recovered by the heat recovery system in winter, the same can also provide cooling in summer. In summer the system precools the outside air.

See also: Multi-functional eneregy-recovery systems and Integrated chiller

Several supply and exhaust air handlers can be incorporated into one energy recovery system through a common hydronic unit. See also: Network energy recovery systems

Konvekta offers its customers complimentary system designs and energy savings calculations. To ensure accurate results Konvekta has developed custom software based on DOE-2 building simulation programs.

Systems that are not monitored have a high probability for poor performance because operational errors are not detected or resolved. With Auto-Reporting Plus software Konvekta provides a tool that constantly monitors your system. System errors are immediately identified and reported. Thus optimal energy recovery is guaranteed.