Free cooling usually requires little additional capital

but results in a significant increase in energy efficiency.

Free cooling is a simple principle based on the use of excess heat to minimize the demand of the energy consuming cooling system.

To achieve the highest possible energy effectiveness, waste heat is used for heating so that the cooling system demand is minimized. To achieve this, the Konvekta energy recovery system controller considers all system variables, including waste heat availability, and selects the most efficient operating settings.

The optimal control of a multi-functional heat recovery system with free-cooling requires the use of an intelligent system controller, which takes into account the performance maps of the energy recovery coils, pumps, and valves.

Optimal design

To design a system optimally and efficiently, Konvekta has developed customized software that incorporates the DOE-2 building simulation program. It accounts for all variables such as internal and external loads, variable air volumes, and local weather data.

Designs based only on historical data result in significant errors and are not efficient.

Konvekta offers "Optimization calculations" as a free service.