Konvekta pre-heat coils are easy to clean

and have no negative performance effect on the energy recovery system.

For optimal performance air filters and silencers should have a maximum humidity of 90%. This requirement can be met if OA is heated by about 3-4 K. For this reason, the energy recovery coil is split and the first section functions as a filter pre-heat coil.

Since the pre-heat coil is installed upstream of the filter it is exposed to contaminants. Therefore, it must be able to be cleaned easily and thoroughly. The requirements are: 

  • Robust fins (fin thickness 0.4 mm)
  • Fin spacing 4 mm
  • Filter per-heat coil installed dept 120 mm to max. 180 mm

This is precisely the advantage of Konvekta high performance coils, as they can be cleaned using high-pressure water or steam - up to 180 psi.

When pre-heat coils and energy recovery heating coils are installed in series, there is no reduction in performance.