Konvekta high-performance energy recovery systems reduce energy consumption by 70-90%

An energy recovery system controller that uses actual operating conditions is the most effective

Konvekta high performance energy recovery systems make a major contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and have a high rate of return on capital investment. Optimization of the system and trouble-free operation are critical. Installation imperfections, maintenance needs, software errors or incorrectly set control valves must be identified and corrected. To achieve this, continuous monitoring is essential so that maintenance needs and system malfunction are quickly detected, reported, and addressed. This guarantees a high level of system reliability and maximum energy recovery.

The calculations required to provide supply air at the desired temperature demands knowledge of the actual operating conditions, and performance maps of the energy recovery coils, pumps and valves. This data must be communicated to the system controller.


To achieve efficient, trouble-free operation, Konvekta provides an Operation optimization. Critical operating parameters are monitored in both part- and full-load operation and all system malfunctions are detected and corrected.  

Each energy recovery system is unique in design because the requirements of each building are different. Konvekta optimizes each design for specific operating conditions in all seasons as well as for partial and full load conditions.

The controller requires a VPN access. This allows Konvekta to retriev all relevant operating data daily. The data is analyzed and displayed graphically on the project dashboard which is available to the customer and password protected for security.