Malfunction: Temperature of hot water insufficient

If the glycol cannot be heated to the required temperature to meet the supply air temperature, the controller responds by opening the valve of the hot water supply. The valve on the supply line continues to open. If the supply air temperature cannot be met the Auto-Reporting-Plus software responds by sending an error message to the building management system.

Freeze protection

To prevent moisture in return air from condensing on the exhaust coils when it is very cold outside, a bypass line opens to mix warm glycol with the glycol going to the exhaust coils. This is necessary to maintain a minimum fluid temperature of 28.4F/-2°C to prevent freezing.

Malfunction: Valve leaking

A valve that develops a small leak over time can easily go undetected and lead to a reduction in the performance of the energy recovery system. Konvekta's Auto-Reporting Plus software will immediately detect the leak and send an error message to the bilding managmenet system to alert facility management.