Continuous monitoring with watchdog capabilities

System malfunctions or reduced performance are detected and can be quickly resolved. This guarantees system availability and maximum recovery.

The goal of each energy recovery system is optimal net annual energy recovery which yields the greatest energy cost savings over lifetime of the building. This requires optimized and malfunction-free operation. Installation error, software glitches and erroneous set values must be detected.

Comprehensive information at a glance

The increased use of electronics and software makes systems more complex. Therefore, it is important that system operators continuously receive easy-to-interpret information about operating status and potential problems. With the new Auto-Reporting Plus all critical data is monitored and displayed visually. Data is also displayed graphically over the internet and is password protected to ensure security. Thanks to the clear, visual presentation of data, all important operating parameters can be easily assessed to ensure recovery efficiency and optimal system operation so that performance goals are achieved.


Performance monitoring

Energy recovery systems that are not monitored are installed, started-up and just left to run year after year without analyzing performance. This results in system malfunctions not being noticed. Thanks to the continuous set value/actual value comparison critical system data is monitored and performance deviations are noticed immediately by Auto-Reporting Plus. When a system malfunction is detected an automatic error message notifies system operators immediately throught the building automation system. At the same time the system controller analyzes the error.

The benefits of Auto-Reporting Plus

  • Comprehensive information at a glance tells you if the system is optimized, functioning trouble-free, and achieving the guaranteed performance
  • Continuous automatic monitoring function
  • Automatic error detection, including functions upstream and downstream of the energy recovery system such as primary power or the function of the supply air or exhaust air humidification
  • Downtime is minimized thanks to the automatic analysis of errors - resulting in maximum energy cost savings
  • Rapid response time to errors thanks to prompt notification
Trouble-free operation
Trouble-free operation
Malfuntion: valve of cold water supply leaking
Malfuntion: valve of cold water supply leaking