Adiabatic cooling with Konvekta sprinklers

saves space and reduces annual cooling costs.

Adiabatic cooling is a reduction in air temperature resulting from the evaporation of a liquid, which removes latent heat from the air where evaporation takes place.

Cooling the exhaust air (EA) adiabatically provides additional cooling of the heat transfer fluid in the energy recovery coil which, in turn, provides additional cooling of outside air (OA).

Adiabatic cooling sprinklers spray the entire energy recovery coil with water. The large surface area of the coil and the efficient heat transfer within the coil maximize the evaporation of water which maximizes efficiency. Also, this application is very space efficient, which reduces the cost of the air handlers.

Another option is adiabatic cooling with spray humidification. This is achieved by using spray nozzles. However, this technology requires more space.

If an adiabatic system cannot provide all the required cooling for the air supply, it can be combined with a cooling coil and/or chiller. The benefit of this combination is that the chiller can be significantly down-seized because of the cooling provided by the adiabatic system. This reduces annual energy consumption and provides environmental benefits.

See also "Multi-functional energy recovery system with integrated chiller".