Tradition and Technology

Konvekta was founded in 1949 and is still a family owned business driven by traditional values.

Thanks to continuous improvement efforts and extensive research, Konvekta has developed the most efficient high performance energy recovery system on the market today. Because Konvekta has embraced new technology and persistently pursued improvement, we have become the market leader of high performing energy recovery system technology. Konvekta continues to combine tradition values with modern technology.

As early as 1975 Konvekta developed software for technical and economic optimization of energy recovery systems. Later, the DOE-2 building simulation module was integrated into this software. With extensive knowledge in the development of optimization software, Konvekta designs customized solutions for demand control, verification of energy recovery effectiveness and continuous monitoring of system performance. Thanks to continuous improvement, Konvekta is the market leader in high performing energy recovery system controllers.

For Konvekta, customers are at the core of our business. For our customers to realize optimal benefits, we offer the latest technology and a comprehensive service program to ensure optimum and trouble free operation year after year.